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SEB Alliance invests in CASTALIE

SEB ALLIANCE investit dans la société CASTALIE

SEB Alliance, Groupe SEB’s corporate venture arm, announces having taken a minority stake in CASTALIE, a company that designs and markets micro-filtered water fountains for companies and restaurants, alongside the funds Amundi F&S, RAISE Impact and Ring Capital within a total fundraise of €13.5 million.  

CASTALIE offers its customers a comprehensive service, offering water fountains, containers, accessories and maintenance services. They can thereby produce their water in-house from tap water, which is micro-filtered by eco-friendly, contemporary water fountains. The water is bottled on the consumer’s premises in reusable containers (bottles, glasses, etc.). As a result: no distance to cover between the source and the place of consumption and no plastic waste generated.

SEB ALLIANCE investit dans la société CASTALIE

Thibault Lamarque, Chairman and founder of Castalie, stated: “The company was created from my revolt against the omnipresence of plastic bottles, which are an ecological disaster for our planet, when there are so many alternatives. We are happy to continue the expansion of CASTALIE with our financial and industrial partners which will enable us to complete our economic transition. Thanks to their help, we will be able to make progress faster and make both private individuals and corporate customers aware of the sustainable solutions that exist to change their purchasing habits. Our target over the next two years is to avoid the use of 100 million plastic bottles.”

SEB ALLIANCE investit dans la société CASTALIE

Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB, commented: “Groupe SEB is present in the daily lives of consumers throughout the world. Our objective is to always stay one step ahead and to accompany them as lifestyle and consumer habits change. This is why we have decided to support Castalie, which, with its innovative microfiltration system, offers a genuine alternative way to consume water and reduce plastic waste. Groupe SEB and Castalie are both committed players in the circular economy. At SEB, eco-design and the promotion of products like mugs instead of plastic cups are key growth areas. Castalie is a perfect fit with the SEB Alliance strategy, which aims to identify and invest in promising companies that offer innovative solutions in line with our core business. We are committed to supporting French businesses and want to play a role in supporting alternative consumer habits that will help us to build a better future.”



ABOUT SEB Alliance

SEB Alliance

Groupe SEB created the SEB Alliance corporate venture arm in May 2011 to follow trends in the small domestic equipment market and in an open innovation approach destined to cover new technologies and expertise. With initial capital of €30m, SEB Alliance is both an investment structure and a tracker of technological developments.

Since its foundation, SEB Alliance has made over 15 direct minority investments, notably in the following 3 areas: digital, health/ wellness and sustainable development. SEB Alliance has also invested in several thematic venture capital funds.

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