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Second Groupe SEB France Charity Days event

2e édition des Charity Days Second Groupe SEB France Charity Days event

In March, 130 Groupe SEB France employees took part in the second Charity Days to support charities who fight exclusion. 
In 2018, Groupe SEB France took up an idea floated by some company managers and employees who wanted to help different teams get to know each other. The aim was to foster a cross functional team spirit through charity work. Now in their second year, the Charity Days look set to become a firm fixture in the Groupe SEB France agenda. 

GSF and GSR volunteers had the opportunity to spend a full or half day helping a charity which combats exclusion in ten cities across France (sorting clothes, renovating furniture, painting and gardening with the unemployed, handing out food etc.). 

2e édition des Charity Days Second Groupe SEB France Charity Days event

This year, the scope of the event was widened to make it easier for employees to participate in the vicinity of their workplace: more cities, more charities, more days and more activities. 
 This national movement began in the first week of March with more than 60 employees volunteering including 50 collecting food in supermarkets on March 8 on behalf of the Restos du Cœur charity. 

The high level of participation of the GSF teams was acclaimed by all the charities some of which beat records. For example, the Emmaüs in Paris clocked up its highest sales on a Wednesday since it opened seven years ago thanks to the efforts of eight GSF employees.