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Silit celebrates 100 years of passion and an innovative spirit

100 ans Silit

The Silit brand has been known as the cooking expert since 1920 – and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The history of the brand is a success story full of innovations and product highlights. Silit has a high level of manufacturing competence at the Riedlingen site and an excellent feel for what its customers want, and – out of conviction – has stood for passion and innovative spirit for the last 100 years.

Today, cooking combines lifestyle, enjoyment and devotion, as well as relaxation, health and diversity. And more than that, cooking brings people together! Silit is proud to have been part of the cooking evolution for a century.

Silit brand and the employees working for the brand are committed every day in inventing innovative products, with outstanding design and quality, for a better daily cooking, simpler, faster and healthier.

Silit Riedlingen

Out of Riedlingen. Out of conviction.

One secret behind the expertise of the Silit brand lies in the high level of manufacturing competence at the Riedlingen site. Since 1955, Silit has been manufacturing high-quality cookware exclusively in Riedlingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The label “Made in Germany” goes far beyond a simple promise of quality. For example, each individual part is manufactured with extreme care, expert craftsmanship and a great love for detail, from the very first to the final working step. This results in products with flawless workmanship, total reliability and a long shelf life, while meeting the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability.

In touch with tradition while keeping pace with the times.

From the first pot in 1920 to the present day – the 100-year history of the Silit brand is full of innovations, inspired by the spirit of the age and built to last.

Milestones in the company’s history include:

  • 1920: Production of the first universal cookware out of Silitstahl.
  • 1927: World’s first safety cooking pot – the “Sicomatic®” pressure cooker.
  • 1955: Founding of the Riedlingen site.
  • 1966: Silit becomes an independent company.
  • 1970: The first of its kind – cookware with decoration.
  • 1975: First pressure cooker in the world with a control unit built into the handle – “Sicomatic® S”.
  • 1989: Introduction of the unique “Silargan®” material – a world first.
  • 1998: Acquisition of Silit by WMF Group
  • 2006: Launch of the new cookware line “Passion Colours” series with bright colours (bright colours had been in the assortment before).
  • 2011: Vitaliano – the first of its kind – pasta without boiling over.
  • 2014: “Quadro” cookware with design accents thanks to its unusual square shape.
  • 2016: Groupe SEB acquires WMF Group
  • 2020: 100 years of Silit.

These milestones are the basis of the unique success story that has made Silit the cooking expert since 1920. The trend towards urbanisation and ever smaller households, energy saving, resource conservation, food and nutrition, sustainability and environmental protection are at the heart of the company challenges for the coming years.

And the Silit brand is well positioned for the future.