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A successful story of air purifiers in Spain

During this health crisis, the quality of the air that we breathe has never been more important. In Spain in particular, air purifiers experienced extraordinary success in 2020 thanks to an ambitious marketing plan and very high visibility among consumers. A closer look.

Designed to filter up to 99.9%* of airborne particles as small as viruses, the Rowenta air purifiers equipped with Ethera’s technology are playing a major role in fighting air pollution such as fine particles, pollens, animal allergens and even airborne viruses. In response, the Spanish marketing team developed an ambitious product activation plan at the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

child with a purifier

The priority? Immediately provide effective content—texts, photos, videos—that could easily be used by partners and distributors. A number of initiatives were then launched on social media to gain visibility, traffic, and recognition: a specific digital campaign as well as major efforts with influencers, ambassadors, and nursings homes. 56 purifiers were installed in 14 retirement homes, which led to extensive coverage in the press and social media that were extremely beneficial to the brand.

In parallel, the Group expanded its visibility on e-commerce sites with targeted banners and online shopping, particularly at El Corté Ingles, one of our biggest distributors in Spain.

Lastly, the purifiers had tremendous TV visibility on the TeleCinco channel thanks to Pablo Fuente, a well-known presenter who used scientific evidence to help people understand the benefits of air purifiers in the fight against COVID-19. The Rowenta purifier had pride of place on the TV set!

These initiatives naturally had a positive impact on sales, and Rowenta climbed to the top position in the air purifier segment. Our heartiest congratulations to local staff!

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