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Tefal diversifies its offering with an eco-designed non-stick ceramic range

Tefal announces the launch of RENEW, a new range of pots and pans in 100% recycled aluminum(1) and with the Inoceramic® non-stick ceramic coating, exclusive to Tefal.

Diversifying the product offering to satisfy all customers 

The revolution with RENEW lies in the Inoceram® technology. This innovative and unique coating significantly enhances the non-stick performance of the ceramic, enabling the preparation of healthy recipes, with no added fats or oils and preserving all the flavors of foods.

Tested in Tefal’s laboratories and with consumers, RENEW offers the best satisfaction among the ceramic pans tested. Close to 9 out of 10 consumers were still satisfied with Inoceram®'s non-stick qualities, even after a full year of intensive use(2). Thanks to the Inoceram® ceramic coating, food can be cooked without adding any fats or oils and the pan can be cleaned without effort.

Renew  range by Tefal

Like all Tefal coatings: the new RENEW coating is guaranteed free of PFAO, lead and cadmium and now in non-stick ceramic. 

For precise cooking, the exclusive Thermo-Signal™ is used in the new ceramic Tefal pans. This temperature indicator goes dark red as soon as the optimum cooking temperature is reached. Furthermore, thanks to the Thermo-Fusion base, the pans are suitable for all types of cookers, including induction, and enable rapid and uniform heat distribution


Innovation, the Tefal recipe 

For more than 60 years, Tefal has adapted to the needs of consumers, offering innovative solutions to make daily life easier and to support the growing appeal of home-made. 
Anticipating lifestyle changes is fundamental for the brand. In this way, the Research & Development teams innovate constantly to offer products ever-more in tune with consumer trends throughout the world. 

Attentive to consumers, Tefal has seen new expectations emerge in terms of consumption more respectful of the environment. To address these expectations, from 2012, Tefal developed cookware in recycled aluminum. With the RENEW launch, Tefal goes even further, with an eco-designed range in 100% recycled aluminum1 and with a non-stick ceramic coating. 

Thus, the ecological footprint of Tefal's RENEW range is much smaller than for a traditional non-stick pan. Thanks to the use of 100% recycled1 aluminum and the new Inoceram® ceramic coating, industrial production emits 75 % less CO2(3).



About Tefal 

Created in 1956, Tefal has been constantly innovating to make life simpler for thousands of consumers. From the non-stick pan to a full range of small electrical appliances for the kitchen, the brand's products are known throughout the world. 

The acquisition by Groupe SEB in 1968 added an international dimension while also reinforcing its leadership position in France and extending its product portfolio. Symbol of the conviviality of pancake makers, raclette and fondue sets and even barbecues; in each product, the quality of the Tefal nonstick coating makes the difference and ensures customer satisfaction. 

Since 2012, Tefal has stepped up initiatives to promote the recycling of cookware, in France first and then throughout the world. A pioneer in in-store recycling, more than 1,400 tons of used cookware articles have been collected, i.e. the equivalent of 1.7 million pots and pans.

1: Body in 100% recycled aluminum. Recycled materials make up at least 77% of the overall product.
2: Seb&You usage test in France over one year. 
3: Source: Life cycle assessment - MAOBI – 2022. The main impact of a product is during its usage phase