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A pioneer in in-store recycling operations for the past 10 years, Tefal has joined a multi-brand partnership to set up a recycling kiosk in the parking lots of several Carrefour stores in France. The first of its kind in Europe, this kiosk meets the dual challenge of the environment and purchasing power.

Noting that 60% of used pans are thrown away in the household waste, Tefal has been a pioneer in recycling operations in stores. Indeed, pans and saucepans as well as pantyhose, toothbrushes and razors are unfortunately not eligible for the sorting garbage can and are therefore not recycled enough. 

Recycling hub Carrefour

Installed in the parking lots of 6 Carrefour stores* throughout France, these kiosks will allow consumers to drop off their used products, regardless of their condition or brand, in exchange for vouchers for partner brands. The pots and pans will be collected by TerraCycle and their recycling will be managed in partnership with Excoffier, which will sort them, crush them and separate the main materials (aluminum, stainless steel, plastic...) so they can be recycled.

Carrefour, TerraCycle, BIC, DIM, Hasbro, Philips and Tefal are thus providing an innovative and unprecedented response to products that many believe are impossible to recycle.

* Athis-Mons, Angoulins, Evreux, Laval, Nice-Lingostière, and Vaulx-en-Velin

Tefal, a pioneer in recycling for 10 years

In France, as in many other countries, there is still no specific channel for the disposal of pans, saucepans or stew pots. For example, in France, 60% of them end up in household waste (6,000 tons per year), whereas on average 80% of them can be recycled.

For the past 10 years, Tefal has been conducting recycling operations, first in France and then in tens other countries including Belgium, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, etc. These actions are based on a collaboration between the Group, companies specialized in recycling operations and partner distributors. In stores, consumers are invited to drop off their old products in exchange for a discount coupon for the purchase of a new item: 100% recycled aluminum pots and pans.