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Welcome to MetaPlayHome®, the game console by Groupe SEB

Scheduled for a worldwide release in mid-2022, the MetaPlayHome® is set to conquer video game fans.

Codenamed "SecondSEB", the project was developed in the greatest secrecy in the Yokohama R&D center, near Tokyo. In partnership with a famous Japanese video game studio's subcontractor specializing in virtual reality headsets, and with Fujiyama University in Yokohama, Groupe SEB has entered a new field where it was not expected: that of video games.

Seb Telescore video game console

"It all started with an observation made five years ago," explains Benoît Gandiet, Innovation Director at MetaPlayHome® : "There were no players in the virtual reality market in the world of gastronomy and smart homes. However, there is a very strong demand in this field, as proven by the incredible success of the HEi app in China". 
The project is now entering its final launch phase: marketing. Groupe SEB will present MetaPlayHome® to the press and the general public on April 1st, during a special communication operation from the international space station where a big banquet will take place.


More information to come… 🐟


Seb Telescore video game console

Did you know?

Téléscore, an electronic games console, first in black and white and then in color, led the Seb brand to create a "Seb Leisure" activity, separate from domestic equipment.
This product was marketed from 1977 to 1980 and offered various sports games: tennis, soccer, squash...