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WMF receives the “Innovative through Research” seal

WMF obtient le label « Innovative through Research »

WMF has extended the endowed professorship of the “Sustainable Product Management” course of study at Nuertigen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences (NGU), which was originally set up in 2015, by another three years. For this, WMF has now been awarded the Stifterverband “Innovative through Research” seal.

Stifterverband is a joint initiative between companies and foundations – around 3,000 members– and has been providing holistic advice, networking and support in the fields of education, science and innovation since 1920. Now WMF has been awarded the Stifterverband “Innovative through Research” seal in recognition of the company’s commitment to supporting the endowed professorship for the “Sustainable Product Management” course of study at Nuertingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences (NGU). 

The endowed chair strengthens our ties with the NGU and our commitment to Geislingen, where WMF headquarters are located. Sustainability criteria already played an increasingly important part in our customers’ purchase decisions. The “Sustainable Product Management” course of study therefore creates an important balance between economic success factors and the responsible use of natural resources.

The position at NGU financed by WMF continues to be filled by Professor Brigitte Biermann. 

Oliver Kastalio, Directeur général de WMF
As a proven expert in the field of sustainability, Prof. Biermann researches and lectures on the integration of sustainability aspects into corporate processes as well as product and service development. This has resulted in numerous interfaces between NGU and WMF, as demonstrated over the last few years by successful joint projects and final thesis projects. So, extending the existing endowed professorship was a logical consequence.