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WMF’s object archive recognized as a cultural monument

Museum WMF

Since 2017, the WMF museum highlights the flagship objects from brand’s past. WMF's object archive also contains more  than 11,000 other treasures from the company’s long traditional past and they has just entered the Baden-Württemberg book of monuments.  

The first coffee machine from 1880, vases made of Myra or Lavaluna glass and the first pressure cooker are just some of the many different products manufactured throughout the 165-year history of WMF and now belonging to the historical archive. 

 At the end of January, Wolfgang Reimer, President of the Regional Council, handed over to CEO Volker Lixfeld an official certificate recognizing the archive as a cultural monument. “We are very proud of our company’s long history that has paved the way for today’s success. It is important for us to make our treasures from the past accessible to others,” said Volker. Professor Claus Wolf, Head of the Baden-Württemberg Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, added: “For many years, we have endeavoured to maintain the evidence of our region’s industrial past. What better than its products can provide insights about a company?” 


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