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WMF's range of professional coffee machines is enriched with the 1300S

The launch of the WMF 1300 S sees a new member join the WMF coffee machine family. This machine is characterized by extreme reliability, robustness and performance.

The WMF 1300 S is a real all-round talent in the professional sector. It has been designed for customers who need a simply functional, robust and reliable coffee machine with minimal maintenance. Many additional options meet every possible customer requirement.


From 0 to 120: A strong performance

Its average output of up to 120 cups per day makes the WMF 1300 S the perfect machine for a wide range of applications in small to medium-sized businesses in the catering industry, commercial and professional coffee business, as well as wherever value is placed on a compact and easy-to-operate coffee machine. It delivers great performance at peak times, and in quieter moments its energy-saving mode protects the environment and your budget.

Coffee grinders: The quiet heroes in the background

Thanks to two decoupled coffee grinders the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300 S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. The machine can process different types of beans as the grinding degree can be adjusted manually to receive an ideal extraction of the chosen beans. The brewer made of durable high-tech polymer guarantees long life and full power in terms of coffee preparation and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.


Included by design: Easy servicing

The easy servicing of the WMF 1300 S was a key focus during product development. Service technicians are now able to disconnect the customer’s coffee machine from the power supply much more quickly. A service access through the machine enables it to be disconnected from the front instead of only from the rear. The side and rear panels and the machine cover on the WMF 1300 S can be removed independently of each other, making it easier to access the components inside and avoiding having to move the customer’s coffee machine back and forth unnecessarily – much more convenient during everyday working. 

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