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World Food Day | Groupe SEB commits to healthier eating

Groupe SEB conducted a first of its kind pan European clinical trial, confirming that Groupe SEB brands' services and solutions favor healthy and sustainable eating habits. In practice, the Group uses a charter to provide healthy and sustainable recipes.

Mariette Sicard
Groupe SEB has pledged that, by 2023, 30% of the recipes, included with new products featuring an app, will promote a healthy and sustainable diet. We have developed a charter to support the creation of such recipes while referring to The French government's national health and nutrition plan (PNNS). More specifically, our proposed meals use less meat, less salt and less sugar and promote the inclusion of more pulses. We strictly adhere to the recommendations of the PNNS. And we actually go one step further with our focus not only on products and services vut also ideas and inspiration to encourage quick and easy home cooking that we can all enjoy !
Mariette SICARD
Innovation Food Science Group leader
Femme utilisant le Cookeo

A groundbreaking clinical trial

As part of its research into dietary habits, Groupe SEB participated in a first-ever Pan-European clinical trial from 2016 through 2019: Cook2Health is a €4-million project funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The trial brought together three academic and scientific partners: the Université Grenoble Alpes, with its expertise in clinical nutrition, metabolism and 4P medicine; Aberystwyth University in Wales (UK); and the University of Barcelona. The latter two establishments specialize in biomarkers, which assess diet. 

The clinical trial was conducted with a large panel of volunteers from France and the UK. Results illustrated the positive impact of regularly using connected cooking appliances. The volunteers used the Seb Actifry fryer and the Moulinex Cookeo multicooker. At the same time, they were supported by a personalized digital service app offering nutrition advice. The panel were also given access to 500 inspiring recipes put together by teams of chefs. The clinical trial found that 43% of the persons who used Groupe SEB’s products improved their diet and made sustainable changes to their eating habits. The scientific data was collected by clinicians.

The trial supports Groupe SEB’s ambition. For a decade, the Group has focused its innovation strategy on improving the everyday lives of consumers by promoting a healthier diet while keeping in mind the constraints of modern society. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need to create a healthy eating culture, driven by an innovative product offer, but above all, by moments of pleasure and a fresh culinary experience. Against this background, we are witnessing the return of home cooking, which goes hand in hand with healthy eating. Google link popularity for search terms such as “recipe,” “bread maker,” and “yogurt maker” reached a record high during lockdown. Moreover, Google Trends has suggested that as of July 2020, popularity levels were still higher than in previous years.

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Healthy and sustainable recipe charter 

We will need to make major dietary changes if we are to transition to healthier and more sustainable eating habits on top of feeding a global population of 10 billion by 2050. To this end, we will need to double our intake of pulses, fruit and vegetables while cutting back on animal protein sources by more than 50%. In a show of support, Groupe SEB has produced a healthy and sustainable recipe charter. Our Charter has set out initial guidelines that thoroughly review salty dishes. As such, the Charter finds that we should eat more vegetables, cereals and pulses. Conversely, it also recommends eating smaller meat portions, limiting fat and salt intake and avoiding ultra-processed ingredients. Our Food Science and Sustainable Development teams have also contributed to the design of our Charter after revisiting the recommendations of The French government’s national health and nutrition plan (PNNS) and leveraging the expertise of a dedicated nutritionist and chef.

Through its products and applications, Groupe SEB brands boast a community of over 6 million members. Digitalization is our performance driver. It successfully shares best practice so that each and every one of us can enjoy a healthy, tasty and responsible diet.