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Recognised and appreciated for its many virtues, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world.


In France, no fewer than 3 billion cups are drunk every year! To support tea lovers and help them bring out all the flavours of their tea, Tefal has forged an alliance with Tea By Thé, the specialist in traditional tea and creator of recipes for original tea-based cocktails. This collaboration has given rise to a special Tefal Tea By Thé range, including a kettle and a teapot:

  • The Magic Tea cordless teapot is equipped with an automatic infuser for quickly infusing a large quantity of tea – loose or in bags – and bringing out all its aromas.
  • The Vitesse kettle is equipped with a thermostat for selecting the water temperature to bring out all the flavours of the tea: 80°C for white tea, 80 to 100°C for green tea and 100°C for black tea.

With each appliance, Tefal includes an exclusive book of recipes created by Tea By Thé. Sparkling fresh mint green tea, iced apple and cinnamon tea, Earl Grey vanilla latte … original recipes for discovering or rediscovering tea. Tea connoisseurs take note!