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Actifry for low-fat cooking, Actifry Family for large families, Actifry 2 in 1 for doing everything together…. what else might Tefal invent next?


Actifry Essential for a tasty dinner for two!

With its small format taking up little space, Actifry Essential allows you to prepare 1kg of freshly-made chips using only 1 spoonful of oil, as well as a wide variety of other recipes such as stir-fried vegetables, sliced chicken, fruit salad etc.


Actifry Snacking for crispy results

Actifry Snacking comes with a frying basket and combines Actifry healthy cooking with crispy dishes, which are normally high in fat, such as chicken nuggets, doughnuts, spring rolls, fried fish etc.

Special Actifry Lesieur measuring spoon – a mini amount for maximum flavour

Seb and Lesieur have set up a partnership in France based on their shared values to achieve the best in flavour and nutrition. The special Actifry “Flavour & Nutrition” Lesieur measuring spoon has been especially developed by Lesieur  to provide a genuine service and an unrivalled taste sensation. The recipes concocted by Eric Reithler, a top chef who is a consultant at Lesieur, contain concentrated flavourings which, unlike other flavoured oils on the market, are suitable for cooking and deliver strong flavours. Available in Mediterranean or Tex-Mex varieties, one measure is enough to release the flavour, coat the food cooked in ActiFry and delight the taste buds of the most discerning gourmets!