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Promoting healthy diets for infants


Programme MALIN

Practical aid to help families eat well

Scientific research demonstrates the importance of diet in the first few years of a child's life to their health and development and the negative impact of socio-economic conditions on diet. Yet every year, one in five children is born under the poverty line. Infant nutrition products weigh heavily on family budgets and the advice they receive is not always adapted to their material, economic or even affective situation.

To improve the dietary practices of families with infants and favor access to adapted products, Programme MALIN ("smart program") provides families with tools to support the diets of infants (website with practical advice, adapted recipes, information for small budgets, etc.) and a system for accessing lower-cost products through discount coupons on infant nutrition products and less expensive fruit and vegetable baskets sourced locally.

In 2020, the organization listed 1,000 families active in initiatives on healthier and responsible diets adapted to the needs of very young children. 

The Groupe SEB Fund, committed to a healthy diet for all, supports Programme MALIN.



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