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RÈpareSeb in Paris: a dedicated circular and solidarity economic hub

In 2019, the Group kicked off the RépareSeb project, a further step in the promotion of prolonged usage of small electrical appliances within the context of a social and solidarity economic approach. This hub, which opened in 2020 in Porte de la Chapelle, Paris, offer four additional services, in partnership with the city of Paris and ARES Group, which is specialized in inclusive employment:

logo repareseb
  • small electrical appliance repair in a workshop that is certified for all Groupe SEB brands;
  • appliance rental using the Eurecook model
  • product refurbishment (mostly recovered as part of the after-sales service) for resale as “Second hand”;
  • training and support (small groups) in a collaborate space dedicated to the circular economy.

This project will enable the establishment of a new inclusive employment entity in Paris for people who are out of a job. They will be working on product repair and refurbishment.

This project was named the winner of the 11th edition of the Parisian Trophies for the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) awarded by the City of Paris.