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Be forefront of new, more sustainable, consumer models through product-service systems

A kitchen appliance rental service

The Group is at the forefront of new, more sustainable, consumer models similar to product-service systems, and since 2015 has been testing an innovative kitchen appliance rental service in France to respond to ad hoc consumer requirements. Christened Eurêcook, it was initially rolled out in the Dijon area in partnership with a network of public and private sector operators such as ADEME ( ), the ENVIE association and Groupe Casino.



In October 2018, it was launched in Paris, this time in partnership with ENVIE and Monoprix, the leader in city center shopping. The principle is simple: the consumer books their Seb, Tefal or Moulinex appliance on the website or in one of the five Parisian Monoprix stores initially participating in the campaign. They choose the length of the rental (from a weekend to a week) then pick up the appliance at one of the collection points or with their shopping delivery. Once they have been returned, the products are systematically cleaned, checked and re-packaged. This service will take on a new dimension in 2020 in Paris as part of the RépareSeb project


The Eurêcook service is part of our sustainable consumption initiative for more than one reason.

  • From an ecological perspective, it is in keeping with the optimization of natural resources (a single product is used more often) and the packaging is re-usable and eco-designed (cellular polypropylene).
  • From an affordability perspective, due to its lower cost of use, Eurêcook makes appliances more affordable for economically vulnerable people.
  • Lastly, it uses a local inclusive employment company (ENVIE) to take care of product cleaning, testing, repackaging and logistics, from its workshop in Trappes.