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Shared use products

Be forefront of new, more sustainable, consumer models through product-service systems


At the forefront of new, more sustainable consumption models in the context of the functional economy, the Group tested an innovative culinary appliance rental service in France as early as 2015 to meet consumers' occasional needs.​


Named Eurêcook, it was initially launched in the Dijon metropolitan area in partnership with a network of private and public actors, such as ADEME, the ENVIE association, and the Casino group. In 2018, it took its first steps in Paris. The principle is simple: the consumer reserves their Seb, Tefal, or Moulinex appliance on the website. They choose the rental duration (from a weekend to two months) and then pick it up from one of the pickup points or upon delivery of their groceries. Once returned, the products are systematically cleaned, inspected, and repackaged by individuals in training within RépareSeb.​

This service took on a new dimension by the end of 2022 with its nationwide deployment through drop-off and pickup points located near the rented product's home.​


The Eurêcook service is part of our sustainable consumption initiative for more than one reason.

  • From an ecological perspective, it is in keeping with the optimization of natural resources (a single product is used more often) and the packaging is re-usable and eco-designed (cellular polypropylene).
  • From an affordability perspective, due to its lower cost of use, Eurêcook makes appliances more affordable for economically vulnerable people.
  • Lastly, it uses a local inclusive employment company (ENVIE) to take care of product cleaning, testing, repackaging and logistics, from its workshop in Trappes.