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New shared home in Villeurbanne

Opening of a new centre for adults with and without disabilities to live together.


40,000 people a year survive a severe stroke. Many of these people are left with disabilities resulting in the loss of employment, social exclusion and loneliness.

“Communities”, where adults with and without disabilities can live together, can be set up so that each resident can play an active role in shaping their own lives.

These “shared homes” set up by the Simon de Cyrène association allow people who have suffered a stroke, leaving them with disabilities resulting in isolation and loneliness, to give meaning back to their lives, receive emotional and psychological support and redevelop their abilities and independence.

Those sharing these homes can feel “at home without being alone” in a pleasant setting on a human scale. Disabled and non-disabled residents set up shared activities (shared mealtimes, artists’ workshops, film clubs, etc.), which bring the local area and town to life.

Having supported the shared home in Dijon in 2016, the Fonds Groupe SEB is providing financial support and donating kitchen implements and small domestic appliances to equip the next home in Villeurbanne.


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