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Giving young people the chance they deserve



Giving young people the chance they deserve

in their education and personal life, through a company tutor and educational supervisor.


Numerous studies show that the French education system is struggling, by itself, to promote the talents of young people from disadvantaged areas. The under-representation of individuals from lower-class backgrounds in higher education is a fact. The child of a manual worker or clerical or sales worker has on average seven times fewer chances than the child of a manager or teacher of accessing higher education in France.


TÉLÉMAQUE supports bright and motivated youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds from the age of 13 to 18. The young people it selects benefit from financial support and dual tutoring from an educational supervisor and a company tutor (volunteer employee of a business).

Fonds Groupe SEB has provided financial support since 2014 and 16 Group employees act as tutors.

TÉLÉMAQUE is part of Groupe SEB’s new civic engagement program, “Transmitting Knowledge”, which gives employees the chance to take action through skills sponsorship in the fields of occupational integration and education.

Over 1,600 young people have benefit from TÉLÉMAQUE support since 2005. To extend its efforts, the organization is looking for new sponsors, notably in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes.



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