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At the beginning of July, Groupe SEB finalised an agreement with the Triton investment fund with a view to purchase 100% of shares of the OBH Nordica, a leading player in the small domestic equipment market in Scandinavia. This acquisition was finalised on 31 August.

Similar profiles

Founded in 2002 and based in Sundbyberg, north of Stockholm, OBH Nordica supplies innovative products and ingenious solutions designed to improve consumers’ lives. With a presence in both small domestic appliances and cookware, the company sells a wide range of small kitchen equipment, representing 80% of its sales, as well as personal care and home care products, which fit in perfectly with the customs and expectations of Nordic countries (design, taste, habits etc.).


Leadership in Scandinavia

The company holds leading positions in Nordic countries, thanks to a strong innovation and design policy and the implementation of a unique brand strategy. A leader in toasters, kettles, hairdryers and blenders, with market shares approaching 30%, OBH Nordica is also very well-positioned in terms of food preparation, steam irons, hair straighteners and vacuum packaging machines. With the advantage of a very high level of recognition in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, OBH Nordica has developed a solid presence in all distribution networks, with access to some 4,200 points of sale in Scandinavia.

Strategic convergence

In 2014, OBH Nordica achieved sales of SEK 612 million (approximately €65 million) and holds a 7% market share in value of small domestic equipment in Nordic countries. Already a leader in cookware in Scandinavia, Groupe SEB is a market challenger in small domestic appliances in this region. It will therefore benefit greatly from the acquisition of OBH Nordica to boost its market presence significantly and reach a critical size, improving its product strategy and deploying synergies between the two entities. By bringing together these two complementary companies, Groupe SEB will be able to provide its customers and end consumers with a better service.