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Crispy, tasty chips using just one spoonful of oil; healthy and tasty meals for all the family … have you heard? Enter the new era of the Actifry with this new model featuring the original design

Full of ingenious ideas

The first of its kind, ActiFry® easily set itself apart from all other cooking appliances by living up to the challenge of making golden, crispy chips using just one spoonful of oil! But it can do other things besides – crunchy fried vegetables, prawn risotto, chicken strips etc.  Eating a varied and balanced diet has never been so easy.

Actifry® is a truly versatile kitchen appliance offering a new way of cooking, which is healthy and varied and perfectly suited to modern-day requirements and saves precious time in the kitchen:

  • Food is cooked evenly thanks to automatic stirring by the paddle; so no risk of letting food burn.
  • Cooking is completely safe because it is not possible for burning hot oil to escape.
  • No more frying smells.
  • Ultra-easy to clean – the non-stick pan, the paddle and the spoon can all go in the dishwasher.

Go faster with the ActiFry® Express XL!

Up to 30% faster than the original version, the ActiFry® Express XL lets you cook 1.5 kg of chips to a golden crisp in less than 30 minutes – barely 3 minutes longer than a classic fryer, including pre-heating time.

New, exclusive and patented technology has enabled us to improve the performance of the ActiFry®:

  • More powerful flow of hot air (+40% cf. Actifry original) thanks to a new high-performance patented turbine.
  • Better aerodynamics for the flow of hot air.
  • Regular electronic temperature control to avoid loss of heat in the cooking zone.

A unique design

ActiFry® Express XL not only features revolutionary technology, it also has a design inspired by the most up-to-date trends and yet is still unique. It will not go unnoticed!

  • Softer, more rounded lines make the appliance blend in more easily on the worktop.
  • Its fully transparent dome provides optimum visibility of the inside of the pot.
  • The sloping control panel makes it easier to programme and control times using the digital timer.

As for the opening system, it is still just as intuitive as ever and can be operated using just one finger.

This new “object of the future” is ready to satisfy all the culinary desires of families all over the world!

My Actifry

And for an extended experience, the My ActiFry© smartphone app, which is free to download from AppStore and Google Play, provides hundreds of recipes that have been tested and approved by a team of nutritionists, a guide to cooking times for each ingredient, videos and cooking techniques, plus other functions to help you cook tasty and healthy food every day.