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2nd country of the Group, China realized in 2013 a solid revenue growth, up 16 % at constant exchange rate. This energetic performance was attributable to a strong product dynamic, constantly fuelled by innovation and range extension, and to its stronger presence in distribution network.

Vincent TAI, CEO of SUPOR

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Supor has achieved great success since its foundation 20 years ago. From its beginnings as a pressure cooker manufacturer, the company has become the Chinese market leader in cookware, and has extended its activities into small electrical appliances, where it now holds a first-rank position. Joining Groupe SEB in 2007 was a powerful boost to Supor’s growth, both within China and abroad.

SUPOR’s performance in recent years bears witness to our competitiveness, fostered by our powerful and versatile industrial facilities and our focus on innovation. Our rapid deployment throughout the country via all possible distribution networks, including e-commerce, has also contributed greatly to our development.

On the basis of these strengths, Supor is well-equipped to make the most of the rich growth potential of the Chinese market and continue its expansion.

  • #1 in cookware
  • #3 in small kitchen electrics
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Presence of Supor in distribution

  • In 2013 + 5,500 stores

  • Presence in 27,600 stores in China
  • Strong growth in level 3 and 4 cities

Successful launches of major innovations!

China is a vast market with tremendous growth potential. This momentum is supported by the emergence of a well-off middle class looking for products with innovative functions and design. In this context, SUPOR has intensified its innovation policy, backed up by its perfect understanding of local usage combined with its renowned expertise in the latest technologies. SUPOR has therefore expanded its range of induction hobs, introducing an extra long version compatible with all casserole formats. It has also launched a brand new, highly ergonomic kettle, which has a look that is close to Chinese standards. When it comes to cookware, synergies created with Groupe SEB have enabled it to develop its range of woks – featuring the Thermospot – and of Clipso pressure cookers.

New induction rice cooker – high technology!

The Chinese leader in rice cookers, SUPOR is shaking up the market by offering innovative products with exceptional cooking properties. The new IH Spherical Pot rice cooker is inspired by the traditional Chinese cooking technique using a wood stove, providing unrivalled consumer benefits in terms of perfectly cooked rice, texture and taste. The pot is made up of 6 layers of material to ensure better heat conductivity and its spherical shape allows the perfect circulation of boiling water.

This new product has rapidly become popular with consumers. Its launch on China’s biggest e-commerce site, T-mall, was a particularly great success – more than 9 million views on the site and almost 8,000 products sold in 4 days, which represents a new sales record for T-mall in the high-end rice cookers sector.

SUPOR Rice Cooker Spherical IH

Rapid growth of e-commerce

Between 2006 and 2013, the market share for on-line sales in China increased from 0.3% to 7% of the total retail market. This strong increase is due in particular to the increasing popularity of the Internet and its accessibility through all kinds of media, such as smartphones and tablets. The on-line sales market also enables longer promotional periods compared with traditional physical distribution channels. This factor represents a decisive element for consumers.

  • Supor on-line sales 2013 +70%
  • > 10% of Supor sales in China
  • Supor n°1 in Internet sales Cookware / rice cookers / electric pressure cookers