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Following on from the Nutricook Connect pressure cooker with its “MonAutocuiseur” app and Cookeo Connect, the multicooker connected to the “MonCookeo” app, Groupe SEB is continuing the development of connected products with the Actifry Smart XL and the “Reveil Café” remote coffee machine.

Actifry Smart XL

Actifry Smart XL: a world of cuisine without limits!

With its rounded design and large capacity, the Actifry Smart XL marks a new chapter in the Actifry saga and will once again revolutionise the way you cook. A dedicated application helps you to prepare meals on a daily basis. It controls the Actifry Smart for even more convenience and complete success with your cooking. The brand new feature of this model, which makes it more versatile, is the option of controlling the device entirely remotely, including during the preparation stage. The application sends cooking temperatures, blade rotation speeds and cooking programmes directly to the fryer according to recipes chosen from a choice of hundreds. This automatic control of all the machine’s settings and the monitoring of cooking in real time from your phone will guarantee a perfect and simple result, whilst also saving time.

Finally, with the Actifry Smart XL you can benefit from exclusive and free nutritional coaching on line.

Available in stores from November 2015, the Actifry Smart XL has already been singled out, winning the special prize in the “Connected Home” category for cooking and household appliances at the 2nd Connected Products Awards organised by NPA Conseil.


Réveil Café: the new morning coffee ritual

La cafetière connectée par Tefal

The connected coffee maker by Tefal

These days, the first thing people do in the morning is click on their smartphone to switch off the alarm. In fact, for 2/3 of consumers, it’s the first object they look at when they wake up in the morning*!

Then all they have to do is go into the kitchen to make themselves a coffee and pour themselves a large mug – that’s the secret to a great start to the day**! In France, filter coffee machines are the king of the breakfast table, with 1 in 2 French people owning one***.

Tefal innovates, uniting these two morning activities and bringing pleasure and practicality to the heart of these new rituals, thanks to its Réveil Café innovation. This latest generation filter coffee machine, connected to an extremely simple and intuitive mobile application, works as an alarm clock and starts up the coffee machine at the same time! As soon as you get out of bed, your coffee is ready to drink.

Réveil Café has 3 different types of programme:

  • Alarm + Coffee: the application wakes up the user and starts the coffee machine at the same time;
  • Coffee only: the application starts the coffee at the set time;
  • Alarm only: the application is used as an alarm clock only.

Users can also set up to 14 different individual programmes. This is ideal for organising diaries and changes to routine: weekdays, weekends, holidays etc.

The application also offers a number of other functions such as “SOS quantity” which guides users as to the best way of measuring the quantity of coffee according to individual taste and the number of cups required. And with “SOS descaling”, users are alerted when they need to descale their coffee machine.

TEFAL - Réveil Café, la cafetière programmable connectée

* Study on “Developments in mobile usage” – Kerensen Consulting – 2015 forecasts.

** 69% of adults drink coffee with their breakfast in their own homes – Study on coffee consumption in France – 2011.

*** “Level of small domestic equipment 2014” – TNS Sofres small domestic equipment for GIFAM – April 2015.