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Packed with technological innovation, Cookeo meets consumers’ everyday cooking needs. You can now cook everything quickly and without questioning or monitoring. Cookeo guides every step of the way.

The fruit of 3 years of research, Cookeo is the first intelligent and interactive multi-cooker. Using cutting edge technology, this ultra-modern design cooking assistant boasts several advantages: ease of use, time saving, and interactivity through an intuitive digital screen.

Cookeo offers ultra-simple use thanks to its 4 menus:

  • INGREDIENTS: Depending on the food category (meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruit), Cookeo asks several questions: whole or cut vegetables, salmon steak or filet, etc. Cookeo then autonomously decides what cooking method and time to use according to the weight of ingredients to be cooked.
  • RECIPES: 50 pre-programmed sweet and savory recipes! Cookeo guides you step by step from starter to dessert!
  • FAVORITE: Cookeo personalizes and memorizes your favorite recipes, so they are only a click away!
  • MANUAL: To control the cooking method or time from A to Z: brown, roast, quick cook, reheat and keep warm.

Extremely easy to use, the cooking phases are automatic and thanks to pressure cooking (2 levels automatically selected by Cookeo according to the food),  Cookeo offers 40 recipes that take less than 11 minutes.

  • 1,000 pre-programmed calculations
  • 40 recipes, each in less than 11 minutes (excluding baking and pre-heating time)
  • 2,000 hours of testing
  • 3 years of research
  • Design Award at the 2012 Paris Fair Innovation Awards

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