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Semi permanent home hair removal

A rapidly growing market

Semi-permanent hair removal represents a new market but one that has witnessed significant growth over the past three years. It currently represents 17% of the overall market, driven by keen interest from women for these new technologies (laser, pulsed light, electrolysis) that ensure long lasting smooth skin.

An IPSOS survey of 1,000 French peoples (men and women) covered by Confortique magazine brought to light several key behavior trends with regard to hair removal:

  • 80% of respondents availing of hair removal opt for at-home solutions;
  • 72% prioritize long-lasting results;
  • 59% of consumers are willing to spend more time if the results last;
  • 75% are prepared to pay for an innovative quality product with long lasting results.

An innovative solution

To meet high consumer expectations, Calor launched its very first semi-permanent pulsed-light hair removal device. Equipped with exclusive Pulse Active technology, Derma Perfect emits active pulsed light, perfectly controlled for optimal impact and effectiveness. The results are unequivocal: 83% reduction in hair after 3 months of treatment (6 sessions). Furthermore, the extra large application window covers 4cm2 of skin surface for faster hair removal.

Complete safety

Derma Perfect is equipped with several safety features for hassle-free hair removal, with no risk of burning:

  • A skin color detector, “Skin Protect” that blocks the light pulse if skin is too dark;
  • 5 levels of intensity for safe use of phototype I to V;
  • A contact detector that checks the hair remover is in the right position before each pulse;
  • A high performance UV filter is integrated to allow use without protective glasses.

It has also been tested under dermatological control and corresponds to the highest of safety standards.