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Effectis: the first range to combine this level of compactness with high-level technical performance

For more than fifty years, Calor has been committed to making daily ironing easier and more comfortable, by capitalising on its fine understanding of the market and of consumer habits and requirements. Expert, beginner, large family, single – whatever your profile, there is an appliance that has been designed especially for you.

With the Effectis range, Calor has carried off a feat of technology: bringing together all the benefits of a high-pressure steam station in an ultra-compact appliance that is very easy to use.

Optimum technical performance: up to 5.2 bar pressure, a steam output of 120 g/min and a pressing function of up to 230 g/min to eliminate the most stubborn creases in one go, even in very thick fabrics (linen, denim etc.).

Genuine time savings without compromising on results!

Up to 20% more compact than the previous Express and Express Compact models, it can be stored in any corner. The Lock System, which locks the iron to its base, makes it easy to transport the steam station.
Improved glide quality: the Ultragliss Diffusion technology in the soleplate, which has been recognised as offering the best glide available on the market, makes ironing a great deal easier. The iron glides effortlessly on its own, turning ironing into child’s play!
Continuous ironing: the everlasting performance of the Effectis range means you can iron continuously without stopping. The reservoir, which is not pressurised, can be refilled at any time, without having to unplug the appliance or wait for it to cool down.

1 range, 2 different versions

EFFECTIS: for demanding customers looking for a high-performance appliance, capable of dealing rapidly with a large volume of laundry. Just one switch, five settings (synthetics, cotton, silk, linen and wool) so you can adjust the temperature of the iron to suit the type of fabric with one easy movement. Fibres are well cared-for and the item of clothing is well-maintained, for an extended lifespan.

EFFECTIS EASY: for beginners, who are attracted by the idea of rapid and successful ironing and ease of use. With no controls, it offers the perfect combination of temperature and steam adapted to all kinds of textiles so that even the absent-minded won’t be able to scorch more delicate textiles!

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