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1953-2013, the anniversary of quite a character

In 60 years, the pressure cooker has been continually adapted and equipped with new features to make cooking faster, easier, and better. A character in its own right, it has played a role in history. Let’s take a look at this mythic journey.

The 50s: The Super-Cocotte years

The Super-Cocotte first appeared in 1953. It revolutionized day-to-day living for mothers everywhere, providing tasty and cost effective cooking. It also helped to save time, freeing women to head out and conquer the working world.

130,000 units sold in 1954

The 60s: The Stainless steel years

The pressure cooker is now synonymous with SEB. The Super-Cocotte has won over all of France, taking its place in Formica kitchens either in its aluminium form or in stainless steel.

800,000 units sold in 1965

The 70s: The deco years

The pressure cooker gets colourful, lacquered in red, orange, and even bringing flowers into the kitchen. The Cocotte-Minute® is fast, apace with women’s progress in the workplace. Its practicality makes it synonymous with energy saving.

One million units sold in 1971.

The 80s: The speed years

“L’ultracuiseur Sensor®” (Sensor Pressure Cooker) took its place in the kitchen between the microwave and the fridge. The pressure cooker is now bayonet style, an opening style popular amongst Europeans; the pressure cooker has been international for many years.

The 90s: The Clipso® years

The Clipso® sparks a revolution and becomes the pressure cooker of tomorrow. This new pressure cooker is third generation, novel with its new pressurized automatic opening system, turbo speed for cooking meat and defrosting and its silent valve.

Each to their own pressure cooker
Over the past 60 years, the pressure cooker has taken many different forms to appeal to the largest consumer base. It has evolved in tandem with cooking, bringing together good taste and speed, two ideas previously at odds with one another.
To make sure there is something for everyone, it is now available in different models. Cooks just starting out, more experienced chefs, or those who simply appreciate great cooking, to each their own pressure cooker!
– Clipso®+ the pressure cooker for busy people looking for fast, good, and simple cooking every day;
– Clipso®+ Gourmet the pressure cooker for elegant cooking;
– Nutricook® Delice for nutrition fans;
– Clipso® Chrono for 2.0 cooks up-to-date with the latest digital products and connected to the Smartphone Premium application “My Pressure Cooker”;
– Optima® the pressure cooker for beginners;
– Authentique® : the pressure cooker of choice for nostalgic cooks.
The only goal: to indulge yourself and others regardless of age or lifestyle.

As modern as ever
For its anniversary, the pressure cooker once again shakes up the rules and reinvents Good Fast Food with three “trad-innovative” recipes at the heart of a 100% digital media plan:
– 3 recipe videos: “BourguiBurger”, “Chicken Basquaise”, and “Lamb Wrap”;


– Almost 400,000 views on ;
– 125,000 visitors on ;
– And hundreds and thousands of opinions gathered through television-on-demand sites and cooking sites.
This initiative was widely featured, and will continue to be throughout the year, in the media and in-store through numerous activities, cooking workshops or special events.

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