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A player in vacuum cleaners since the 1920s, the Group has accelerated its home cleaning business over the past few years in Europe, thanks in particular to a strong capacity to innovate, great sales momentum and the introduction of a winning industrial strategy.

A market enjoying regular growth

The world home cleaning market is the leading small domestic equipment market in the world, with more than 100 million items sold per year and a value estimated at EUR 7.1 billion. Since 2010, it has been growing steadily and reliably at an average annual rate of +5.7%.

Along with North America and Asia Pacific, which are important territories for this category, Europe – with 28% of the global market – is experiencing sustained growth, at an average annual rate of +4% over the past few years. Two thirds of the European market are in the hands of major groups also operating in white goods or of vacuum cleaner specialists. The remaining third is a lot more fragmented. Today, Groupe SEB is one of the main european players in the sector.

Strong positions in Europe

With 8.8% of the market share in Europe, the Group has become one of the main players in the sector (5th position). It holds particularly strong positions in cylinder vacuum cleaners with bag (4th with 10% market share) and in stick vacuum cleaners (2nd with 21% market share) and has been recording regular and sustained growth in sales since 2009.

This growth and the significant improvement in its positions can be put down to a solid home cleaning strategy based on innovation and product performance, industrial competitiveness and wide-scale advertising, marketing and sales support.

An innovative product strategy…

Groupe SEB has been focusing on innovation and the development of vacuum cleaners with high added value, which fit in with consumer demands and are based on 4 main priorities:

  • Best dust pick-up performance;
  • Very quiet products;
  • Optimum energy efficiency;
  • Carefully designed ergonomics and high-end design.

The introduction in September 2014 of new European legislation covering eco-design and energy labelling also constituted a considerable boost for Groupe SEB, as it meant that its vacuum cleaners were immediately amongst the best-positioned.

The recent launch of the Silence Force 4A, the quietest 4A cylinder vacuum cleaner, also adds to the Group’s momentum.

Driven by wide-scale advertising and marketing support…

In 86% of cases, the brand is the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Rowenta is the Group’s main brand in the home cleaning sector and it has been recognised for many years for its expertise and quality. These days, it is part of a completely new brand platform, which aims to enhance the product experience and increase the emotional impact of benefits for the consumer, whilst also reaffirming its expertise in key technologies. This approach is also followed in store with enhanced measures at the point of sale and specific promotional activities.

…and by an adapted industrial policy

Groupe SEB’s industrial policy in the home cleaning sector aims to serve markets in the best possible way:

  • With production in Europe for innovative cylinder vacuum cleaners, for which the Group holds leading positions.
  • By outsourcing commonplace products or those for which it does not have specific expertise internally.

The Vernon site in Normandy centrally manages the Group’s overall industrial policy for home cleaning. It is in fact the global centre of expertise in this field. The site oversees the design and development of all products, decides on the distribution of production between France and China, selects suppliers and introduces shared technical platforms to boost industrial competitiveness. It is also a hub for the production of high-end vacuum cleaners for the Group, with more than 850,000 items produced in 2015.


Vernon Industrial site - France