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Moulinex is launching the new arrival in the Companion range: I-Companion, the connected version of the now-famous heating food processor.

When cooking, I-Companion takes care of everything! Like its big brother it chops, mixes, kneads, grinds, beats, cooks, simmers and browns in a single bowl – but now you don’t even need to be in the same room! With this connected model, you can now control everything remotely and spend more time with your family or guests. Start your recipe using the app and the machine takes charge of the rest.

But that’s not all!

Since over 85,000 people have already succumbed to the Companion phenomenon, Moulinex will be offering a tailored service from the autumn in France to take you easily from the standard version to the connected version of your machine.

To enable current Cuisine Companion owners to get the benefits of the “connected” technology developed for the device, Moulinex will be offering a chance to upgrade the product for a low price. Installation will be organised locally by approved service engineers, from picking up the Companion at your door to returning the product within 15 days. This initiative, the only one of its kind in the sector, confirms Groupe SEB’s ambition to offer its consumers the best technology without the need to replace or dispose of their current products!

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