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What is the Open Food System (OFS)?

The Open Food System is a large scale research programme, bringing together 25 industrial and scientific partners in France, with a view to developing a platform of intelligent digital services and equipment for the kitchen. This programme, which starts at the end of 2012, will involve more than 150 people over 3 years and has been allocated a global budget of €21 million. As part of the French government’s “Grand Emprunt” investments for the future programme, the OFS will receive €9 million in financial assistance.

And Groupe SEB is the leader ?

In order to innovate today, you have to know how to include new software technologies. By starting up a collaborative programme like OFS, Groupe SEB is bringing together the expertise of French industry players who are recognised experts in their fields – food industry, electrical appliances and digital content/services – to work together on inventing the cooking appliances and services of the future.

Why a collaborative programme?

Due to the variety, complementary nature and complexity of the technologies involved, it has become impossible to innovate alone these days. This programme allows us to associate our expertise and coordinate our respective resources in a project where all those involved are motivated to invent ground-breaking innovations, solutions that will then be tested “openly”.

What will be the outcome of this programme?

OFS aims to invent the cooking solutions of tomorrow, in other words new smart cooking appliances (ability to monitor cooking settings automatically for optimum results, preserve the nutritional value and organoleptic qualities of cooked foods etc.).  The first prototypes will be tested in 2013 before being made available to our users. At the same time, a community web platform will also provide content, tools and personalised support services to the general public in order to help them cook on a daily basis – intelligent digital recipes, simplified access to ingredients, personal organisation programmes, tools for personalised nutritional recommendations etc.

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