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For several years now, the Group has been committed to a proactive approach towards technological monitoring.

It is always on the look out for new areas of discovery and never ceases to explore the latest techniques and those of the future, not only in terms of physics, chemistry and electrical engineering, but also in terms of information technology, food and human sciences.
During this monitoring phase, Intellectual Property plays a crucial role in identifying emerging technological trends, as well as understanding and anticipating the strategies of our competitors.

This approach towards continuous technological monitoring is developed internally thanks to the dynamism of our teams of engineers and technicians. So what is special about this organisation? A comprehensive set of unrivalled methods, giving us a huge capacity to react:

  • This pioneering approach was first started back in the 1950s;
  • The documentary resources of patents, containing more than 200,000 documents, is unique in the field of household appliances;
  • Patent research is carried out in less than 3 weeks, whereas government organisations can take 9 months.

In addition to this unwavering internal approach, the Group also relies on its full network of external partners (schools, institutes) and, of course, on its investment company, SEB Alliance.

SEB Alliance: 400 projects studied; already 5 investments in companies active in fields that fit in with our technological priorities – digital, water, air, robotics.