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With Naturalis, Rowenta accompanies us daily providing us with harmony and well-being through an intelligent high-technology product allowing us to make our own cosmetic products.
  • For 41% of French people, a little pampering is a priority! (IPSOS)
  • 28% of French people use homemade care products (Le Monde)

Cooking, clothes, decoration… in every area of everyday life, the homemade option has become par for the course, or indeed a way of life. Not only a tool to combat the economic downturn but also a way to reject consumer society, the homemade trend is taking the cosmetics sector by storm.

Making your own products gives you control over all the manufacturing steps, so you can know exactly where what you consume comes from. It is also a simple way to benefit from tailor-made products, of which you can be proud, while taking care of yourself.

Creating a new category, Rowenta is innovating and revolutionizing homecare products with Naturalis, a fun, high-performing dermo-nutrition device that meets the demands of anyone looking for beauty products (cream, scrub, mask…) that they can make up as they wish, selecting the active ingredients.


Naturalis drew on the cosmetics industry to create homogenous mixtures and fine emulsions with a flawless texture.

Thanks to its “Helical Emulsion Technology”, the mixture is sucked up vertically by the vacuum device and shaken at high speed to create homogenous emulsion. The movement created in the tank allows progressive homogenization of the preparation with flawless results: smooth, fine, homogenous and easily absorbed.

And simplicity

You can add natural ingredients of your choice (vegetal oils, hydrolats) to a base composed of an emulsifier, gelling agent, and a preservative… And Naturalis will take care of the rest!

We can now create an infinite range of beauty care products at home in just a few minutes: creams, milks, scrubs, masks, balms…

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