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Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc, long-lasting steam performance! !

Limescale is the iron’s worst enemy. It blocks up the holes in the soleplate and unrelentingly restricts steam performance. To put an end to this problem, Tefal is launching* the Ultimate Anti-Calc, fitted with an exclusive and ultra-efficient limescale collector for long-lasting performance.

Thanks to its new steam circuit, the limescale is directed to the removable collector behind the appliance, where it is stored.

For perfect ironing results every time, the Ultimate Anti-Calc is fitted with a new self-cleaning Glide Protect Autoclean soleplate.  Thanks to its patented technology based on catalysis, this guarantees that the soleplate is always clean and ensures a perfect glide!

The equivalent of a teaspoon of limescale collected every 3 months with Anti-Calc

*The Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc range is being rolled out across Europe, Russia and Turkey and will be available in France from September.

Smart Technology: The perfect steam/temperature combination for fast and easy ironing

To make ironing easier, whilst still ensuring a perfect finish, Tefal is introducing Smart Technology™. This new technology allows the temperature and steam of the station to be regulated electronically:

  • Express Easy Control: Ready in 2 minutes, this unit ensures easy and safe ironing without the need for any adjustments. Ultra-easy to use, Express Easy Control makes no compromise whatsoever when it comes to performance.
  • Pro Express Total Auto Control: Provides 3 optimum pre-set steam and temperature combinations, which can be selected at the touch of a button.

Try the Smart Technology experience for yourself at (in French)Faites le test Smart Technology