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With its new Soft Extreme hair remover, Calor says no to pain and provides effective and long lasting hair removal gently.

Science working for well being

To make this possible, Calor called upon skin sensitivity expert Professor Roll, a researcher at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) in Marseille. Five years of research, in particular on the pain message sent from the skin to the brain, and three patents resulted in an exclusive innovative painless system: Soft Sensation Technology.

A vibrating bar desensitizes the skin’s pain receptors as the hairs are being pulled out. Simultaneously, a continuous stream of air cools the skin.

• Having been tested on 161 women aged between 20 and 50, almost 40% of whom were “hypersensitive to pain”, Soft Extreme was considered effective and entirely pain free by two out of three women, even over sensitive areas.


User-friendly design and performance

Going further than battling pain, Calor does not compromise on hair removal performance or precision and is equipped with the latest Advanced Micro Contact Technology:

– The large flexible head never breaks contact and follows the body’s curves;

– Its 24 precision pliers remove even the finest of hairs, for faster hair removal with long lasting results.

An unexpected experience

For the launch of its Soft Extreme hair remover, Calor took an original approach and invited a dozen women to discover its new painless hair remover in an unusual setting… and in the presence of renowned fashion photographer Kate Barry.

The campaign “Women’s Smiles”, featured in magazines and on the internet, paints the portrait of Calor’s pain free revolution!

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