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Silence Force 4A

What are the main points of dissatisfaction for users of vacuum cleaners?  Noise, pick-up performance and dust re-emission. And what is Rowenta’s response?


The new Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaner from Rowenta is a first in its class, according to the criteria for the new energy labelling system


  • The best cleaning performance on all types of floor: More than 91% on carpets/rugs and more than 111% on hard floors with slots.
  • Extreme levels of filtration 0.01% of dust re-emitted, or 99.99% of dust particles picked up and filtered
  • Optimum, environmentally-friendly energy consumption: A 60%reduction observed in relation to high-wattage vacuum cleaners*.

In silence…

The Silence Force 4A model from Rowenta is the quietest at this performance level, producing 66 decibels at full power and only 64 decibels when the “Silence” button is activated. This function provides intermediate suction, ideal for effective daily cleaning on all types of floor.

A feat made possible by the brand new “Deep Clean Head”, designed to optimise the flow of air whilst offering deep-down suction. The suspended motor, which minimises vibrations, and the acoustic foam, which “captures” noise, reduce the already very low sound level still further.

No dust…

With a score 10 times higher than the standard imposed by the Energy Label for dust re-emission, the Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaner guarantees perfect filtration, particularly of allergenic micro-particles.

Its secret lies in its new Hygiene + bag made up of 4 layers of varying density, allowing almost 99.99% of particles with a 0.3 micrometre diameter to be retained**.

The non-return valve on its retaining ring also prevents any dust clouds from forming when the appliance is opened to change the bag.


The Silence Force 4A offers easy handling and excellent ergonomics:

  • 4 independent and multi-directional pivoting casters allow great flexibility of movement;
  • Ergonomic Ergo Comfort handle for easier handling;
  • Highly practical accessories: a little brush for vacuuming in corners and a long suction head integrated in the back of the appliance
  • 2 new operating panels, depending on the model, with main features including a 5-position power control along with an electronic regulator lighting up each icon for the high-end version.

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* Compared with the previous range of Rowenta 2200 W vacuum cleaners.                                                                                         

** Results of an independent test carried out by the DMT laboratory (% of 0.3 micron particles filtered according to the DIN 60312-1 standard)