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In the context of financial communication, the Group meets more and more analysts and managers specializing in SRI with whom it would be expedient to delve more deeply into some specific issues.

The investment criteria, upon which institutional investors rely, continue to widen and henceforth include a growing number of non-financial issues. With this in mind, a dedicated meeting was set up in Paris on May 11th last, which saw Isabelle Posth, Financial Communications Director and Joël Tronchon, Sustainable Development Director, bring together fifteen or so analysts and managers to present the group’s Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) policy.

Joël Tronchon set out in detail the 5 key issues facing the group; compliance with ethical principles, social responsibility policy (training, diversity, gender equality, health/safety), commitment to civic responsibility, sustainable innovation in line with consumer expectations and environmental impact (eco-design/production/logistics, Green IT, end of lifecycle). He then presented non-financial indicator audits having given rise to the limited assurance report.

The audience was very satisfied with this “first”, which will henceforth be programmed once a year.