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On Wednesday 15 May, the day after Groupe SEB’s Annual General Meeting, the Financial Communications Department organised a meeting with SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) analysts and investors. This event brought together a dozen or so finance professionals who want to base their investment choices on criteria linked with social issues, corporate responsibility and the environment, as well as financial criteria.

Joël Tronchon, Vice-President Sustainable Development, presented the 5 corporate responsibility issues at Groupe SEB and the various actions we are undertaking to deal with these issues.

The meeting led to plenty of discussions, in particular on the Group’s responsible purchasing policy and monitoring suppliers, the deployment of our Code of Ethics on a worldwide scale and the energy consumption of Group products. The event confirmed Groupe SEB’s position of responsibility to the financial community.

Groupe SEB takes its place in the “Ethibel Pioneer” index

Set up in 1991, Forum Ethibel is an independent consultancy aiming to promote socially responsible investment in Europe.

The Group has appeared on its “Ethibel Excellence” index since 2007.  This is a list of companies selected for their performance in corporate responsibility.

Thanks to the many sustainable development campaigns in which it is involved, Groupe SEB’s position was reassessed in 2012 and it was promoted to “Ethibel Pioneer” status. This commends companies considered to be pioneers in their sector in terms of corporate responsibility.

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