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Soup & co

The Moulinex heating blender that cooks and mixes delicious homemade soups all on its own!

Moulinex is launching a family capacity (1,8L) heating blender that allows you to make strained cream soups and regular soups in 25 minutes unattended.

Soup & Co is the first machine to combine such a large capacity and such short preparation time. It cooks and blends unattended, and keeps the mixutre hot for 40 minutes.

You can also vary your recipes by choosing the texture of your soups and by making all the usual liquid mixtures of a classical blender (cocktails, milkshakes, pancake batter, crushed ice…).

Its intuitive and easy use is facilitated by an instructional guide and a book of 40 delicious recipes.

And with the automatic cleaning program Auto Clean, making soup has never been easier!