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Steampod: A partnership between experts

Steampod, the best straightening solution for haircare professionals

Pooling the expertise of the world leader in cosmetics, L’Oréal, with that of the Group has led to the birth of a major new technological innovation – the Steampod professional hair straightening service.

The Steampod professional straightener is the result of an exclusive partnership between L’Oréal Professional and Rowenta salon, both recognised experts in their respective fields of cosmetics and haircare, haircare equipment, steam and coating technology.

The initial version, bearing both brand names, is reserved for hairdressing salons, with a range made up of a professional model, a consumer product sold by hairdressers and three haircare creams.

Perfect control right to the tips.

The unique combination of steam and smoothing creams enriched with Pro-Keratin ensures hair is deeply nourished and repaired. The steam opens up the hair cuticles to allow the cream to penetrate. The results are amazing – incomparable shine and natural movement. Thanks to the gentle steam action, the hair is not damaged by heat.

An extremely high-performance appliance, which produces a perfect and lasting smoothing and straightening effect for all hair types – after just one use and in minimum time – thanks to the constant high speed steam action.

Exclusive technology

Steampod is the fruit of 5 years of research and is the subject of 8 patents. Its technical characteristics make it a true professional tool – continuous steam pressure, 5 temperature settings from 170° to 210° depending on hair quality, removable integrated comb, 2 anodised ceramic plates, system for descaling water.

Everything has been carefully designed to ensure easy use and guaranteed smooth, straight, silky hair, which will last over time.

The product launch began in June 2012 and will take place in 45 countries, with salon visits managed by L’Oréal. It will continue until the beginning of 2013 and will be accompanied by digital and press advertising. This partnership boosts the legitimacy of the Rowenta brand by giving it a more professional image.

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