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After two years of an exceptional share performance in 2009 and 2010, the SEB share took a more irregular course in 2011 and followed a broad downward trend.

Nevertheless, the share price evolved in a very gloomy and uncertain macroeconomic environment that impacted the financial markets considerably. Within this context, the Group’s performance throughout the year was sometimes less sustained that in 2010 (as a result of the strong performance) which favoured quick profit-taking.

The underperformance in relation to the indexes is however moderate and the SEB share has resisted well at the end of the day, borne forward both by the solidity of its fundamentals and by the clear trust that the financial investors place in it. Since the beginning of the year, the share has yo-yoed occasionally, in a declining market context, notably due to unfounded controversy on the quality of Supor’s cookware products in China – since denounced by the Chinese authorities – or the approach of the publishing date of the results for the first quarter. The share price picked up again afterwards, boosted by the support from the financial community. Indeed, out of the eleven financial analysts that follow the SEB share on a regular basis, 8 confirm their positive opinion on the share and 3 remain neutral, with a target share price that is between 62€ and 75€ (average: 67.7€).


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