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Having won the Red Dot Design Award in 2013 for the design of its kettle, Supor has just received another Red Dot Design Award* for its “Vertical Squeeze” juicer

This product is a result of the ongoing design innovation policy that is so typical of Supor, with:

  • An extremely popular shape as well as a high-quality coating, resistant to wear and tear and UV, ensuring this product is at the cutting edge of stylish looks;
  • Various modern accessories making juicing easier;
  • An innovative bevelled cone with double attachment to produce a smooth juice.

Stylish looks for easier use are a key and distinctive element of Supor products. The proof can be seen in the new range of Bamboo Thermos flasks, which you can see here in pictures.

*This Award was introduced in Germany in 1955 by the most famous and prestigious design association in Europe: “Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen”.

Supor Bamboo thermos range