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Lipton has joined forces with Krups to revolutionise the consumption of premium tea by launching T.O. by Lipton, a tea-making machine combining the perfection of infusion with the versatility of individual portions.

As with all revolutions, it gets down to the basics: a capsule of tea leaves and an infusion chamber, both of which are transparent. T.O. by Lipton collects data from the tea capsule and programs the perfect combination of temperature and duration of infusion. The machine then releases the tea leaves and moves them around to bring out all the flavours.

Patented technology

The Air Movement Infusion™ technology means that infusion is no longer passive, but is now about movement and fluid dynamics. The principle is a simple one: firstly, a flow of water and air bubbles penetrate the capsule placed in the bottom of the chamber. This water flow gently hydrates the shrivelled up leaves. It then pushes them out of the capsule and into the transparent infusion chamber.

The brewing can now begin – evenly and gently. The leaves open up, releasing all of their subtle and surprising nuances of flavour.

  • Original Black Teas. Yunnan d’or, Assam Excellence, Terrasses de Ceylan, Jardins Précieux de Darjeeling, English Breakfast.
  • Scented Selection Black Teas. Earl Grey Grand Parfum, Nuit d’Épices, Zeste de Folie, Délice de Rose, Sortilège de Fraise, Goûter Petit-Beurre, Couleur Vanillée.
  • Original Green Teas. Sensha Splendide.
  • Scented Selection Green Teas. Mille et Un Jasmins, Coquine Mandarine. Menthe Glacée, Volute Caramelita, Citron Vert à la Cubaine.
  • Original Blue Teas. Oolong du Dragon
  • Vintage Infusions. Rêve de Camomille, Rooibos Rouge Afrique, Hypnose de Réglisse.
  • Scented Selection Infusions. Songes de Menthes, Verveine Citrodora, Chansons aux Pommes, Fraise Couture, Carioca Passion, Cosmo Chic, Cueillette Rouge Soleil, Cherry Chérie, Caprice de Citron, Baiser des Îles, Rose Poème.

The 33 T.O by Lipton tea and infusion varieties are available exclusively from

Following an exclusive preview at the BHV Marais department store in Paris from 14 September 2015 to 14 October, the machine is now available from www.TO-Lipton and will be for sale at selected Darty, Boulanger and Fnac stores from the end of October 2015.