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Tefal is expanding its “stone effect” cookware family. The coated aluminum market continues to be dominated by the conventional nonstick coating, but the mineral-reinforced “stone effect” segment has grown substantially in the last three years and now accounts for 7% of total sales volumes in the coated market.

“These products are perceived as more resistant and natural than others. Our consumers expect products that last and are more authentic. Buying stone effect products gives them the feeling that they have returned to ‘essential’ cooking, full of flavors but with no artifice. These mineral-reinforced products meet their expectations, as reflected in the excellent repurchase rate,” says Audrey Pelud, International Product Manager.

Tefal has set itself apart in this market since 2015 with, among other initiatives, high-impact merchandising and promotional campaigns stressing the lifespan of the products. The result has been robust growth in sales volumes under the Hard Titanium, Hardica and Meteor labels.

Tefal’s mineral offer continues to diversify in 2017 and 2018, with a focus on resistance and the respect of flavors in the form of ranges with specific market positions.