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companion Academy

A major innovation launched in 2013 under the Moulinex brand, the Cuisine Companion cooking food processor benefited from an ambitious launch programme, including a powerful digital campaign featuring, in particular, the introduction of the Companion Academy.

companion Academy 2

So what is the Companion Academy?

The Companion Academy began with a cookery competition involving the very first food processor cooker from Moulinex, the Cuisine Companion food processor.

Nine amateur chefs came face to face in various cooking challenges involving the Cuisine Companion, in the 3 French cities of Paris, Lille and Lyon. The event was filmed and then broadcast on social networks under the Moulinex brand. It was reported widely by culinary bloggers, who shared the competition with their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram communities. The result: 96 articles read by more than 200,000 people, 495 live tweets reaching almost 157,850 followers and more than 600 interactions on Facebook.

What was the objective of these cookery challenges?

To demonstrate, without the use of any special effects and live in store, how quick and easy it is to make everyday meals, as well as dishes for special occasions. Full of enthusiasm after their own experiences, each participant then becomes an ambassador for the food processor.

Companion Academy - Lyon Limonest - Résumé Best Of

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The Companion Academy continues to exist but with a different structure.
People will be able to discover the Cuisine Companion, a true kitchen companion for everyday use, through cookery lessons with the support of well-known chefs. With new recipes, advice and tips for use, the professionals will pass on their expertise so that each user can get the best out of his or her Cuisine Companion food processor.