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Groupe SEB among the top 1% companies in the world for Human Rights

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The extra-financial rating agency Vigeo-Eiris recently released its 3rd study, called "Human rights in a globalized world: why do companies need to pay more attention?". It analyzes companies around the world for their commitment to fundamental human rights such as labor rights, the right to privacy, property rights, the prevention of child labor, non-discrimination, etc. According to the study, many companies around neglect seem indifferent to human rights. However, Groupe SEB stands out and is one of the 1% best companies for Human Rights. 

This study was published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. It assessed 60 countries and 38 different sectors from April 2016 to October 2018.

On average, companies obtained a score of 33/100 for their commitments to human rights in the workplace, their activities, and their supply chains. This score means they "fail to meet the minimum requirements" outlined by international standards. 

 Furthermore, only 5% of companies have "tangible commitments". These are, according to the rating agency, "comprehensive and detailed human rights commitments, with explicit objectives and management oversight, supported by convincing means and processes including due diligence, grievance mechanisms, auditing and control, as well as transparent and reasoned reporting." 

 With a score of 74/100, Groupe SEB obtained a score that was well above average and shows a tangible commitment to Human Rights.