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Through its investment company –SEB Alliance– Groupe SEB announces its participation in the new fund-raising round of ITEN, France’s leading specialist in ceramic Li-ion technology, alongside Bpifrance.

Passionate about innovation and convinced that new technologies can improve the daily lives of our consumers, SEB Alliance supports ITEN in this phase of industrialization of its products. Currently operating a pilot site in Dardilly (69), ITEN will set up two plants between 2024 and 2026.

Thierry De la Tour d'Artaise
Groupe SEB is committed to continuous innovation, whether in the search for new products or the continuous improvement of existing products, with a view to environmental issues and in particular the fight against the depletion of resources. Participating in this fundraising through our investment company SEB Alliance allows us to have a new look at the technologies developed by ITEN and to imagine the future of small domestic equipment: more performance, less clutter and always more “Made in France” innovation!
President of Groupe SEB

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Focus on ceramic Li-ion micro-batteries

Based on a fully ceramic electrode architecture, these micro-batteries have energy densities around 1,000 times greater than those of conventional button batteries, while being no thicker than two human hairs. They are compatible with automated manufacturing processes used in the electronics industry and meet the miniaturization needs of connected and communicating objects (IoT sensors, smartcards, backups etc.).

As well as their impressive technical performance, ITEN’s ceramic Li-ion micro-batteries have characteristics that are vital in addressing environmental challenges. They contain no heavy metals, are fully recyclable and rechargeable, and have a particularly long useful life.

About SEB Alliance:
Groupe SEB created the SEB Alliance corporate venture arm in May 2011 to follow trends in the small domestic equipment market and in an open innovation approach destined to cover new technologies and expertise. With a current capital of €150m, SEB Alliance is both an investment structure and a tracker of technological developments. Since its foundation, SEB Alliance has made over 20 direct minority investments, notably in the following 3 areas: digital, health/wellness and sustainable development. SEB Alliance has also invested in several thematic venture capital funds.

About ITEN:
As the miniaturization trend continues, energy management represents an obstacle to the development of new electronic products that can improve people’s day-to-day lives. Therefore, ITEN, a French manufacturing company, has developed revolutionary micro-batteries that suit every situation, with full control over the production chain from eco-design to manufacturing. 
ITEN is a French company founded in late 2011 by Fabien Gaben. Based in Dardilly near Lyon, it has twice won prizes in the Bpifrance’s Worldwide Innovation Challenge, in 2015 and 2017.


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