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End-of-life recycling

Promote the recycling of end-of-life products

What happens to products once they come to the end of their life? In Europe, the collection and processing of small electrical appliances are managed by national eco-organizations. Groupe SEB is particularly involved in this in France, as part of Ecosystem, the country’s largest eco-organization for WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment).
As yet, there is no specific channel for aluminum pans, saucepans or stew pots, however. In France, for example, 60% end up as household waste (6,000 tons per year), even though they are 80% recyclable.

PLV operations recyclage

Since 2012, Groupe SEB has expanded the number of initiatives designed to promote cookware recycling, in particular in Europe with the Tefal brand (France, Netherlands, Norway, etc.). The operations involve a partnership between the Group, specialist recycling companies and partner distributors. Consumers are encouraged to bring their old products back to the store, in exchange for a discount voucher to purchase a new item. For the second year running, in 2019 the offer involved items made from recycled aluminum (Resource and So Recycled ranges). The used products are collected before being sorted and crushed. The main materials (aluminum, stainless steel and plastic) are separated, then recycled to manufacture new products, including cookware.

Campaigns to collect and recycle frying pans and saucepans are being rolled out in ever more countries. In 2019, they took place in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Egypt, etc.