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Ensure the effective repair of products


Fer a repasser eclate pieces détachées

For Groupe SEB, reparability is an approach that ensures:

  • that a product can be readily disassembled and reassembled;
  • that the spare parts are reasonably priced and readily available for an extended period of time;
  • that there is a significant network of trained repairers while ensuring optimal regional coverage.

All of this should allow a streamlined customer experience and ensure the effective repair of products for many years.


Product reparability starts from product design, and is one of the priority areas in the Group’s Eco-design Guide. Right from the start, products are designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled so that only the worn parts have to be replaced.

The Group is a pioneer in this field. Its reparability policy, initiated in 2008, reached maturity in 2015 with its “10-year repairable product” commitment. This logo is now displayed on 94% of the new electrical appliances sold in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa for the four brands Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex and Krups, and for Seb and Calor in France and Belgium. In 2019, this commitment began to be broadened to all new ranges of WMF small electrical appliances and its extension to the Brazilian brand Arno is being considered.

In some countries, cookware (frying pans, stewing pots, saucepans, etc.) can also be repaired. For example, this is true in Egypt and the United States for All-Clad branded products.


Repair center and spare parts network

reparateur machine a cafe


To ensure that repairs are of optimum quality, Groupe SEB uses a network of approved repair centers, which has gained in strength over the last 10 years. There are now over 6,200 worldwide, including 2,800 in China. The Group’s local after-sales service teams in the different countries are responsible for training and supporting the repair centers.

The Group guarantees the repair centers that some 40,000 listed spare parts will be available for as long as 10 to 15 years after products cease to be manufactured, including sourced products, at the cheapest possible price (this price has not increased since the 30% reduction in 2012). In Western Europe, spare parts are delivered to repair centers within 24 to 48 hours, rising to a maximum of four days in other parts of the world.

entreprot pieces detachees faucogney

six million spare parts

Nearly six million spare parts are stored at the Group’s central warehouses in Faucogney in the east of France (30,000 m2 in storage area).

In addition, in a growing number of countries, consumers can directly order accessories, consumables and spare parts on the brand websites. In 2019, direct orders were possible on 67 brand websites across the world. Since 2016, the Group has used a second spare parts and accessories warehouse in Hong Kong to deliver parts to repair centers or consumers in Asia more quickly.

machine 3d pieces détachéeè


The Group also moved into the 3D printing of spare parts, allowing parts to be printed on demand. This simplifies inventory management and increases availability almost to infinity.

Since 2015, certification testing has been done on repairs of volunteer “pilot” consumers. They regularly provide the Group with information on part performance over time and their feedback is over 90% positive.

At year-end 2019, 80 3D-printed functional and technical parts were being tested in Western Europe. From 2020, approved items will be included in the standard spare parts catalog for repairers with the note “3D printed part certified by the manufacturer”.

An attractive repair package

Since 2019, Groupe SEB trialed a new initiative to encourage consumers to increasingly repair their products after the warranty period, when they bear the cost of repair. To remove the main obstacles, the fear of a high cost or the risk of paying for a quote “for nothing”, the Group has introduced a fixed repair offer with a single, fixed rate for each product category.


The consumer has the assurance that they can get their product repaired for less than a third of the price of an equivalent new product from the brand, whatever the malfunction, the spare parts needed and age of the appliance (the reparability warranty lasts for up to 10 years). They also benefit from a warranty covering the whole product for six months after the repair has been done.

This offer was initially launched in France for the Rowenta brand. Consumers can purchase the repair package directly on the website, then follow the instructions to send the product or take it to an approved repair center.

The service will be extended to other brands in France in early 2020 and will gradually be rolled out in other European countries, starting with Spain, Portugal and Italy.

photo Joël tronchon directeur developpement durable
At Seb, we share the daily life of our consumers and are committed to carrying out new projects that meet their evolving needs, while being part of the long term. The launch of repair packages will allow us to strengthen our direct link with our consumers. This new offer is in line with our sustainable development policy and was expected by our consumers who have become active consumers. It has a dual objective: to facilitate the use of our products for many years, and to support the profession of independent repairers by providing them with additional activity and fair remuneration.
Sustainable development Director