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Respect for human rights

respect Human Rights

​Respecting human rights is an integral part of the Groupe SEB's Code of Ethics, as well as the training provided to international Human Resources managers within this framework.​

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003, the Group decided in 2007 to assess its teams' practices in terms of human rights in its subsidiaries with more than 10 employees. Until 2014, it relied on self-assessment tools (Human Rights Compliance Assessment Quick Check and China Business and Social Sustainability Check) that covered nearly 99% of the workforce and fueled a momentum of improvement.


Since 2015, Groupe SEB has been applying the same system of ethical, social, and environmental audits to its industrial sites located in high-risk countries as it does for its suppliers (WCA - Workplace Condition Assessment), with the involvement of the same external auditing firm (Intertek).​

The audits (conducted on average every three years) are accompanied by action plans to address any identified non-conformities, and sites with a compliance score below 70/100 must undergo a follow-up audit. The audit results and action plans are shared among the Industrial Department, Human Resources Department, Sustainable Development Department, Audit and Internal Control Department, and Compliance Department. Additionally, an annual summary of audit results is communicated to the Executive Committee.​

Furthermore, the results of these audits are among the criteria used to calculate bonuses for executive managers.​