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Responsible purchasing

OUR responsible purchasing policy 

Because all our products must be made under ethical conditions, our procurement policy is guided by information and control mechanisms. These ensure compliance with ethical, social, and environmental requirements by our suppliers.​

This policy includes:​

  • A charter for responsible procurement​
  • Tools for assessing the suppliers' CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) during selection and monitoring​
  • Ethical, social, and environmental audits.


The Responsible Procurement Charter of Groupe SEB, available in 11 languages, derives from the Code of Ethics. In this document, the Group reiterates its requirements regarding the respect for Human Rights and its ethical, social, and environmental principles.​

The Charter is shared with all the Group's suppliers for their awareness and signature. It serves as a common reference framework for the Group's Procurement teams, internal stakeholders, and its suppliers.


We conduct ethical, social, and environmental audits of all our suppliers, regardless of the category: raw materials, components, finished products, indirect purchases, and more. The audits are carried out by an external auditing firm (Intertek) using a global audit management tool that ensures real-time and precise monitoring, allowing for comparison of the Group's suppliers' results with those of companies registered in their database (over 32,000 audits). These audits are performed following the WCA (Workplace Condition Assessment) framework, which includes more than 360 control points covering 6 themes (working conditions, wages and hours, health and safety, management systems, environment, and integrity).​

​The procedure is highly formalized:​

  • Audits are conducted at the beginning of the supplier relationship and then every three to four years, depending on the results obtained in the previous audit.​
  • Based on the audit report results, the corrective measures implemented can range from the establishment of an audited action plan for subsequent review to the suspension of collaboration.​