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Second life

Donner plusieurs vies à nos produits

When consumers return products, for example as part of after-sales service or in response to specific sales offers, and they can still be used, the Group makes every effort to give them a new life rather than shipping them off for dismantling or recycling. ​

Reemploi du petit electromenager

Thus, most of the products returned to the Group’s site in Alençon through distributors’ after-sales services have not been used much and only have a single fault:​

  • most of them are repaired at the Parisian organization RépareSeb to be resold as second-hand products with warranties. In 2022, RépareSeb renovated more than 10,000 products ;​
  • since 2017, Groupe SEB France has also enlisted the ENVIE Anjou inclusive employment organization to handle part of the process, whereby it dismantles and repairs the products at its workshop near Angers before reselling them at a reasonable price in its store with a one-year guarantee. In 2022, the organization refurbished more than 7,500 appliances that would have otherwise been destroyed. Since the beginning, this partnership with Groupe SEB has enabled 28 people to rejoin the world of work. 


Experiment with business models to give our products a second life